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26th International
Conference on Shamanism
and Alternative Modes of Healing
September 2009

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Saturday, September 5, 2009

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Complete Conference on CD-ROM (mp3s)
(46 presentations, 20 hours of Conference Proceedings)

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Jürgen Kremer, Fred Wahpepah, Mandaza Kimbabwe: Opening Ceremony
Jürgen Kremer: Shamanism in the 21st Century



Connie Grauds: Jungle Medicine… Beyond the Ritual and the Rhetoric
Susana Bustos: The Healing Function of the Icaros or Shamanic Songs in Peruvian Vegetalismo
Robert Tindall: The Siren's Rapturous Song


Lisa Rafel: Entraining Through Music To Open the Heart: Applying Shamanism In The Modern World
Illana Berger: Quest for Healing: Shamanism and the Art of Transformation
Discussion with Illana Berger, Susana Bustos, Connie Grauds, Jürgen Kremer, Lisa Rafel, and Robert Tindall

sc9-4 Akasa Tseng: Nine Songs-A Shamanic Vision for 21st Century
Harry Jabs & Beverly Rubik: Studies and Anecdotes on the Benefits of Harry Jabs’ Pyramid
Yevgeniy Gorodetskiy: Paranormal Community in the 21st Century

George Weissmann: Report on a study visit at the Institute for Biosensory Psychology in St. Petersburg, Russia: training in telekinesis and other “paranormal” capacities
Discussion with Harry Jabs, Yevgeniy Gorodetskiy, Beverly Rubik, Akasa Tseng, and George Weissmann


Council of Elders Panel with Connie Grauds, Stan Grof, Rowena Kryder, Fred Wahpepah, and Jurgen Kremer (moderator)

sc9-7 Conference Team: Honoring the Earth Ceremony together with Mandaza Kandemwa’s soil blessing
Lisa Rafel: Shamanic Sound Meditation
sc9-8 Fred Wahpepah: Seven Circles – Native American Wisdom and Ceremony
sc9-9 Aj Q’ij Tata Erick Gonzalez: Stay Close to the Fire: The Inner Meaning of 2012 in Mayan Prophecy
Sunday, September 6, 2009
SC9-10 Lisa Rafel: Opening
Lucy Lewis: Wisdom of the Body
Gwenievere Maria: Sacred Indigenous Wisdom: Receive the Inherent Gifts of Your Ancestors

Penney Peirce: Becoming One with the Frequency of Now: Being a Shaman to Oneself
Chris Schnabel: The Archetypal Echo
Discussion with Gwenievere Maria, Lucy Lewis, Penney Peirce, and Chris Schnabel

SC9-12 2nd Ruth-Inge Heinze Memorial Lecture
Rowena Pattee Kryder: Images of Paradox for Healing
Jo Coffey: Sun, Moon, and Venus at Knowth, Ireland
SC9-13 Russell Leslie Phillips: The Mystical Marriage Ring of Saint Catherine Of Alexandria
Meredith Sabini: Dreams: Shamanizing for the Culture
Discussion with Jo Coffey, Juliette Hanauer, Rowena Kryder, Russell Phillips, and Meredith Sabini
SC9-14 Physicians, Healers, & Mystery Panel with Richard Blasband, David Cumes, Rick McKinney, Greg Shelkun, Katharine Weiser, and Juliette Hanauer (moderator)
SC9-15 Musical Offering (on mp3 Only)
David Cumes: Sangoma Medicine: How It Works
SC9-16 Mandaza Kandemwa: Dream Incubation Ceremony
Monday, September 7, 2009
SC9-17 Mandaza Kandemwa: Opening Invocation
Dream Panel with Karen Jaenke, Mandaza Kandemwa, Richard Russo, Meredith Sabini, and Jane Hawes (moderator)
Mary Gomes & Valerie Stone: Evolutionary Psychology and the Potential Universality of Shamanic Practices: A Dialogue (2 CDs)
SC9-18 Mikhail Dekhta: The Experience and Methodology of Intentional (or Subtle Body) Healing
Hillary S. Webb: The Mind is a Brittle Object: Transforming our relationship with the psyche through Shamanic States of Consciousness
SC9-19 Zayin Neumann: Shamanism and the Evolution of Consciousness
Discussion 2: Mikhail Dekhta, Zayin Neumann,and Hillary S. Webb

Adele Ryan McDowell: Spiral Time: A Guided Meditation and Energy Transmission
Denita Benyshek: The Contemporary Artist as Shaman
Ginny Anderson: Connections Across the Divide: A Partnership between Science and Shamanism

Discussion with Ginny Anderson, Denita Benyshek, and Adele McDowell


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