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Inner Active Media helps authors, educators, and entrepreneurs craft and deliver their message to engage and grow their audience.

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Setting the stage for success

We'll work together to clarify your goals, identify your audience, craft content, determine delivery methods, and plan promotions to bring your vision to life with care and impact.


Bring out your best

We capture and present your service, product, or message so that everything, including you, look and sound great.



Like a master chef taking raw ingredients and preparing a gourmet meal I skillfully blend all the visual and sonic elements into a harmonious finished product that enhances your brand, and engages your audience.


Always Be Improving

We continue to refine our process and productions as we get feedback from you and your audience.

I've been fortunate to have Jeff Wessman as my course video person for many years. He's been a big reason people enjoy the video component of my courses. He has a great visual eye, tremendous creativity, is proactive and is an integral part of our team. Besides always giving us a professional product we can be proud of, he's a pleasure to work with. I highly recommend him for any video needs.

James Baraz

Author of Awakening Joy:10 Steps to Happiness, creator Awakening Joy course, co-founding teacher Spirit Rock Meditation Center CA

I have the pleasure of producing videos  for James’ online course incorporating tasteful visual elements that underscore and/or illustrate his teachings. With the addition of branding elements and music, each class has a continuity and a standard of excellence that has helped grow and maintain his audience. Additionally I help facilitate the live Zoom classes applying different scenes, graphics, and music, as well as answering questions and spotlighting participants so James can focus on teaching.

what we do the most

Interview videos

Your message presented in a tasteful style.

Video Editing

Short form videos, Color correction, graphics, animations, music, branding, calls to action.

Livestream & Zoom Facilitation

set up, produce and manage visuals elements, managing participant interactivity, polls, breakout rooms, etc.

Live Event Capture

Multi camera & live sound.

We hired Inner Active Media to provide live-streaming services for a hybrid in person event for the early stages of developing a resident association for Enso Village in Healdsburg, CA.  From the beginning Jeff Wessman was sensitive to the different stakeholders involved and adapted quickly to changes throughout the project, which included over 90 participants and multiple breakout groups. 

Jeff provided a lot of value beyond simply engineering the livestream. He understood our goals, and the different needs of the participants and was able to contribute to the design to ensure everyone would feel included and that the technology would be as “invisible” as possible. He also patiently and clearly provided instructions to the support team for each of their roles in the livestream. 

Jeff was a pleasure to work with and I give him a great deal of credit for his contribution to what turned out to be a very successful event. Thank you Jeff!

John Nero

Head of Technology - Enso Village

I appreciate John bringing me onto this project. It was an ambitious multi-camera hybrid meeting, and a 1st time venture for many involved. Naturally people were anxious. My background in facilitation was helpful given the unique layout of their space. I provided them with a set up  of the space that supported the needs of facilitators and participants and ensured that both online and in person participants would be seen and heard.

 Ways We Serve

  • Videography & video editing
  • Social Media Marketing - content and design
  • Meeting Design
  • Presentation Coaching & Consultation
  • Zoom Faciitation
  • Branding & Promotions
  • Live Sound
  • Audiobook & Podcast Production
  • Graphic Design
  • Website Optimization
  • Copywriting
  • Voice Over
  • Restoration (video & audio)

Jeff’s unique abilities in creative scripting, content development and integration of multi-media helped us effectively launch our national brand through various forms of multi-media, including web, audio, and video recordings. Not only was his work top notch, Jeff was also a lot of fun to be around. Jeff's humor injected laughter and positive energy each time we were together. Jeff is someone we highly recommend for anyone looking to take that first step forward in creatively promoting their brand to their target market. 

Jim Gebhardt, CFP

Gebhardt Group, Inc.

Jim was a delight to work work with. Launching a brand was a great opportunity to offer a lot of value from script writing and crafting a story for his audience, to jingle writing and videography. Jim welcomed my creativity and expertise. He was willing to experiment and take direction as needed. Moreover, we had fun throughout the process!

Projects of Note

Promo video for product
Promo video for course
Promo video for product
Personal brand videos
Live event sound, livestream & post-production (video not available)
Promo for course
Live event sound, hybrid livestream and post-production (video not available)
Livestream & AV for conference (video not available)

“IAM takes care of our audio and video needs with great professionalism and sensitivity. He is in tune with the material we offer and his voice overs and choice of music are better than anything we could ever come up with. He is totally reliable and we are delighted to have him in our life.”

Mariam Safinia

School of Practical Philosophy in California

The work I’ve done for over almost 20 years with The School of Practical Philosophy transcends the typical professional relationship and actually changes ones life. I’m ever grateful to be able to promote their good work through video, podcasts, graphic design, social media and marketing consultations.

Brands We’ve Partnered With

"Jeff is not only a consummate audio professional who knows what sounds best, he's also a delight to work with.  He made me feel comfortable and confident in our studio session, so the quality of my voice is warm, relaxed, and effective - exactly what I was looking for.  I'll never go back to the do-it-myself approach I was using before."

Lion Goodman

CEO of the Clear Beliefs Institute

 Having shared similar journeys in our exploration and practice of tools for personal development, I was able to work with Lion in much more supportive way. I understood the content of his message and the best way to present it and could help him achieve a recording he felt great about.

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