6 Reasons Why Video is Better Than a Megaphone

6 Reasons Why Video is Better Than a Megaphone

There are many reasons to have video. Here are our top 6 reasons:

1. You don't have to repeat yourself.

2. Your video can be in many places at once.

3. People can pause to take it in.

4. People can share and discuss your videos.

5. Video is more intimate and engaging.

6. You can fix it in post.

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Inner Active Media (IAM) specializes in producing and assisting others in producing experiential and transformational audio, video, and web-based media. We’ve helped businesses, public speakers, authors, educators, coaches, consultants and others define their message, find their voice, and present it to the world in the most powerful way possible.

We  harness new and emerging marketing tools to leverage your expertise and your time to build your business and have greater impact in the world.

With a background in producing content for personal and social change we understand the power of well-produced, and engaging content to inform and inspire people to transform and to action.

Expert audio and video recording and production
Branding and Identity
Authentic voice and expression coaching
Online media marketing strategies
Web Design and function
Copy writing
Creative, clear, compelling, communications
Live event & studio recording
Info Product production (e.g. audiobooks, podcasts, interviews, etc.)
Voice announcing
Music and Sound design

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