IAM Website and Online Marketing Intake

    What platform is your existing website on? Do you want to use existing copy or images from your existing website? YesNo
    Does your organization have a mission and vision statement?YesNo
    If yes, and you want to include on your website, please share: If not, would you like help developing one? YesNo


    What are the top three goals of your website (e.g., generate clients, educate, build an email list, create community, sell products/services, etc)?

    Your website will be more effective with clear “calls to action”. What are the primary actions you want visitors to take when they visit your site?
    Opt-in to email listCall for more infoOpt-in to free offerFill out questionnaireBuy a productSchedule a meetingOtherAll of the above


    Describe your ideal client? For example:
    “Our ideal client is a small business looking to find their authentic voice when promoting their products or services."
    “Our ideal client is a business coach certified in the last 6-12 months, struggling to attract clients.”

    Aligning Problem and Solution

    In the spaces below, list the main problems or aspirations your clients have that you are ideally suited to solve. For example, “Struggling to attract clients”, “Not enough time to market my service”, “Finding life/work balance”, etc.

    Rate the above according to the “pain” your client experiences by not solving the problem (i.e. revenue loss, inability to grow, diminished health and well-being, etc)

    Problem/Aspiration #2

    Problem/Aspiration #3

    Problem/Aspiration #4

    Your Business

    How does your business generate revenue? (select all that apply and describe briefly)
    Product salesServicesMembershipEventsOther
    Please describe

    Is your business seasonal? If yes, describe.

    If you feel comfortable sharing, what is your business’s annual revenue?

    Under $100,000$100,000 - 500,000$500,000 - 1,000,000$1,000,000 - 10,000,000

    List key competitors or businesses that offer similar services/products:

    List other websites (not necessarily in your industry) that you like for their design, functionality, navigability, etc.


    A website should ultimately serve your main goals identified earlier. Please select the types of pages and functionality you think you’ll need (select all that apply using Command key on a Mac or Control key on PC):



    Would you like assistance writing website headlines and copy? YesNo
    Do you have a color scheme, desired font, or other design elements? YesNo
    Do you want to use an existing logo on your website? YesNo
    If no, would you like help designing a logo? YesNo


    Do you plan to create ongoing content as part of your marketing (check all that apply):
    VideoEmail blastsAudio (Podcast or audio book)Teleseminars, Webinars, etc.

    Please indicate any social media platforms you are currently using or on which you would like to have a presence?

    What is a target date for this project to be completed?

    Who will be the primary contact for this project and their contact information if other than you?

    Thank you!